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Complete security policies

Everything you need to have IT security policies for your organization today! Implementation-ready policies can be put in place immediately. Standard forms such as Policy Acknowlegement and Security Incident Report are included to save you time.

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Trusted IT Security Industry Professionals

40+ years combined experience

Policies are written by security industry professionals. Trusted for day-to-day security management by companies that require top-level security expertise. We understand the real world of endless priorities and apeasing auditors.

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Easy to customize

Custom IT security policies and regulation-ready policies are both fully editable in MS Word. This gives you the freedom to make any changes you need to now or in the future.

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Join the tens of thousands of customers from every US state and over 55 countries around the world.

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InstantSecurityPolicy.com is the only place to get custom IT security policies that are tailored for you. Our cloud-based wizard asks you questions to determine your needs and builds a custom policy for your needs.


Security policies that are ready to implement from the moment you get them. Use the included forms to get your policies in place today.

Best Practices

Industry best practice policies are included in every IT security policy package. No need to search for policy statements in order to meet best practices. They are included!

Gold Standard

InstantSecurityPolicy.com is the gold standard for ready-to-use IT security policies. With tens of thousands of policies delivered to satisied customers around the world. From startups with a few employees to multi-national organizations with over 50,000 employees, InstantSecurityPolicy.com will meet your needs.

Fully Editable

All IT security policy packages are fully-editable in MS Word. Need to make a change, no problem!


Full no questions asked guarantee. All of our policy packages come with a 30-day guarantee. With a 99.5% satisfaction rate we doubt you need it, but you can have the peace of mind.

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Why choose us?

Started in 2008 by industry veterans that had a vision to give organizations easy access to IT security policies without paying thousands of dollars or spending hundreds of hours creating them. InstantSecurityPolicy.com's wizard asks you questions so you get the right policy statements included in your policy.

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My CIO tasked me with updating our IT policy handbook and I was able to use your application to provide completely new and up-to-date IT policies quickly and easily.

Jose Gonzalez System Administrator, Brownsville, TX

I needed IT policies for a PCI audit. Your product immediately gave me what I needed to achieve compliance.

Joe Jones CIO, Denver, CO

A new business partner required us to provide our IT Policies for VPN access. I was able to use your IT policy writer to get the necessary IT security policies very quickly.

Doug Jackson IT Director, Toronto, Canada

After our auditor dinged us on our IT security policies I dreaded rewriting them knowing that at my previous company it took weeks. I signed up for your trial and was blown away at how easy the IT policy generator was. At our audit recheck the auditors gave approval to our IT policies exactly as we received them from you.

Lesa Matkins IT Manager, San Francisco, CA

Are you ready to complete your security policy project?

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Founded in 2008 by industry veterans with proven track record of building custom cybersecurity policies for companies around the world.

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